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The Sacramento Metro Service Area in California, CA, has a huge selection of garage doors available courtesy the D&L Garage Door. Therefore, no matter what your requirements are, we aim to make sure that they get fulfilled. Along with having the availability of a vast collection of garage doors, including overhead doors, we also provide repair and replacement services to our clients whenever they have any issues with their garage doors.

A garage door is a very important and large component of your home and you need to make sure to maintain it properly and carry out periodical repairs when needed, so that it continues to function optimally. It also provides your home with a great amount of protection and security and the most recent garage doors are also adequately insulated, thereby helping you save a lot of energy. Here are a few maintenance tips that you should follow to be sure that your garage door remains fully functional and great throughout the year:

Lubrication Of A Noisy Garage Door

A garage door will only make excessive noise when it is not properly lubricated resulting in dry garage door parts. A noisy door not only disturbs the peace and quiet of your family but also that of your neighbors. Therefore, be sure to lubricate your garage door parts such as the stems, rail, metal rollers, the arm bar, hinges, the lock, and nubs.

While there may be parts of the garage door that will need lubrication, there are still other parts that should not be lubricated. A few examples of these parts are the chain, door’s bottom chain rail, the spring, and the track of the garage door. If you end up lubricating the parts that do not require lubrication, you will only end up causing further damage and accumulation of dirt to your garage door.

Proper Cleaning Of The Garage Door Track

If your garage door becomes sticky or noisy, you should never add any lubricant to the track of the garage door. This is because the lubricant will not aid in making your garage door track function properly. The lubricants might even assist in collection matters that might harden eventually and then lead to further complications when it comes to the proper functioning of the door.

Instead of adding the lubricant to the track, you should clean the track properly and thoroughly. This can be done with the help of a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the track. After using the damp cloth, make use of the dry cloth over the same track to make sure all the dampness is cleared out.

Installation of Weather Seals

The weather seals on the garage doors will help to make sure that the homeowners are able to save sufficient amounts of energy. Apart from this, the weather seals also assist in preventing moisture from entering your garage. These weather seals need to be applied at the bottom portion of the door, on its frame, as well as in between the panels of the door.

Realignment of the Garage Door Sensors

If your garage door sensors appear to not be working properly, they might not be in line with each other and you will have to fix that. This realignment of the garage door sensors will require a little push of the sensors to situate them in the correct direction. The right position will be the one where the sensors would be facing one another. If this alignment is out, you will easily be able to tell because the lights of the sensors would blink to show an indication. Once the realignment is done and the positioning is fixed, the lights will stop blinking and a solid light will turn on.

Resetting Of the Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener might require a resetting in certain situations. For instance, you will require a reset if your garage door briefly closes and then automatically reopens, or if the door does not reach the bottom part completely. Each of the garage door systems might have their own instructions for resetting. However, there are a few common steps that you can follow:

    • Shutting down the opener power properly by unplugging your garage door openerD&L Garage Doors Sacramento California
    • Waiting for about 10 seconds
    • Turning on the power again
    • Pressing the arrow down button until the door shuts completely
    • Finally setting this function for good

Special Consideration

Garage doors, no matter how high tech they may be, can lead to injury, especially when it comes to young children. Therefore, care should be taken that the door is kept under regular check, and constant maintenance is done so that such situations never have to arise. There are certain things such as the replacement of the springs of these garage doors and their installation that you should most certainly leave up to the professionals like us at D&L Garage Door since these tasks are not very easy to perform.

If you happen to have children, you should definitely instruct them on how they should not be playing around with the garage doors and their operating systems.

We at D&L Garage Door have provided years of service to our clients in the Sacramento Metro Service Area, and will continue to do so. If you happen to have any questions for us, we will be more than happy to answer them for you. However, please take note that garage doors require a lot of attention from you, and if you are not willing to give your garage doors their due attention, you will only end up ruining them further.

Also, never hesitate in seeking professional help when you need it the most, especially when it comes to repair or maintenance work of your garage doors. We know what is best for your garage doors, and if you happen to be looking for new garage doors, we surely have a wide variety available for you to choose from.

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