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Residential Steel Garage Doors

When you decide to purchase a new garage door, you have to keep in mind the design you want, the material you prefer, and whether the garage door you are after will provide you with the utmost safety and protection your house requires. Residential steel garage doors are a great option especially considering that they help to:

    • Enhance the beauty and overall appeal of your home’s exterior, contributing massively to its resale value, considering that garage doors make up about 40% of a home’s exterior
    • Offer protection and security for your home against extreme changes in weather conditions and thieves who might be after your belongings
    • Provide insulation to the single biggest opening that your home has

Therefore, when going for a replacement of your garage door, you should choose wisely and see what type of garage door will actually provide you with value for money. Here are a few ways you can buy the best residential steel garage door possible:

Consider Dealer Reputation

There are many dealers who supply residential and commercial garage doors. However, it is really important that you choose the best one out of the lot. A great dealer will be the one who has had an established business for some time, treats you in an extremely professional manner, and gives you guarantee of the work that they do. One such company that provides the best residential steel garage doors is D&L Garage Door.

Maintenance Requirements

Steel garage doors are a great option for consumers since they do not require as much maintenance as the other types of garage doors require. However, if you were to apply paint to your steel garage doors, you would have to send it for reapplication over a period of time because paint can chip off as time passes. Other than that, regular maintenance of your garage doors is also a must so as to ensure that they remain safe and perform optimally throughout the year.

Strength And Durability

Steel garage doors generally tend to be durable. However, this durability is based on the steel gauge that has been used while constructing them. The steel will be stronger and thicker if the gauge is lower. Therefore, be sure to keep a check of the gauge that has been used to make the steel.


The thickness of your garage door will not necessarily indicate that it is a strong enough garage door. All you have to focus on is buying the best quality steel garage door to make sure it offers you the maximum amount of protection. An example of string steels doors is that of steel sandwich doors and their strength can vary according to the R-value polyurethane used.

Deciding which type of garage door you want installed in your house is of utmost importance, and therefore, you should give it time and careful consideration. Also, choosing the best company for this job like D&L Garage Door should also be considered.

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