torsion spring repair on garage doors in sacramento

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Why attempt to repair garage door torsion springs when there’s a huge risk of injury? The online how-to’s giving you step-by-step instructions also tell you the dangers in doing so. It is quite overwhelming to read the capitalized caution sign informing you that the garage door torsion springs are under tension, which means you could lose your limb, hand, and even your life. Educating yourself about the steps is okay, but actually performing this repair knowing the risks is ridiculous. You only get one life so why put your life in danger?  When there are experts such as D&L Garage Door waiting to take the risks on your behalf, you just need to pick up the phone to call them.

D&L Garage Door are Experienced Risk Takers

D&L Garage Door technicians are well aware of the dangers of repairing garage door  torsion springs. However, they also have a ton of experience under their belt. They are better suited to repair dangerous problems so you don’t have to. Why not take advantage of them and call. It also helps knowing that they are leaders in what they do and that their capabilities go beyond than just replacing the garage door’s torsion spring.

They’re Well Versed in Their Craft

Handling dangerous tasks is a piece of cake for their technicians. Their abilities range from replacing garage door torsion springs, door off track, replacing whole garage doors, performing garage maintenance, damaged garage panels, fixing bent tracks, and a lot more services that pertain to getting your garage door back in top-notch condition. With their service, you will not have any regrets because they will always be there for you regardless of the day and time.

You Call Us, We Show Up

Every day we look forward to hear from a potential customer who’s heard about our services through the grapevine. At D&L Garage Door, we are always delighted to hear of the person who referred us to them. When you can make loyal customers, who not only keep coming back, but also refer us to others, you know you’re doing something right. We give credit to our go-getter attitude because we never push our customer’s needs to the backburner. For us, they come first and that’s why we have made our garage repair services available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

If your garage door torsion spring is giving you trouble, do call us.

In fact, put us on speed dial. We will come to your service with just one ring of the bell. You will be amazed at how fast our team of technicians will come to your garage door’s rescue. Moreover, we will make sure that we don’t take longer than 20 minutes to arrive at your door. One thing is, D&L Garage Door will never leave you unsatisfied or disappointed for that matter. Whatever service you request us to perform; we will always perform diligently so you’re left with no complaints after. We look forward to providing you with reliable and quality service that will make you pick us every time.

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