Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Replacement

The screw drive garage door openers are a great option for houses as they do not require that much maintenance and can last a very long time. The best part about this type of opener is that it is not noisy at all and relatively cheaper as well, as compared to its other counterparts.


    • Powerful and compact
    • Less maintenance requirements since it consists of fewer moving components
    • Is more capable of handling the heavy wooden garage doors as compared to the other opener varieties
    • Much quieter as compared to the chain drive openers and if you constantly lubricate the system, it will reduce the noise further
    • Smoother operation because of the steel rod that is used to raise and lower the door which also helps in faster operation

The Operation and The Replacement

The screw drive garage door opener does not depend on belts, gears, or chains for its operation, which means that its parts do not wear and tear as quickly as the parts of the other openers do. This aspect makes this opener highly reliable, cost effective, and very easy to maintain. However, there might come a time where you will be in need of a replacement, especially if you do not carry out regular maintenance of your opener, which would involve constant lubrication so that the parts of the opener keep working well and to full capacity.

If you are ever in need of this replacement, then only trust the professionals at D&L Garage Door who will make sure that they provide you with the best replacement services possible.

Professional Installation

At D&L Garage Door, we make sure that we provide our customers with the most competitive prices, best skilled service, and amazing products so that they remain fully satisfied with us. We take your comfort and safety very seriously, and would only recommend whatever is best for you. Our installation services involve the following aspects:

    • Keeping the customers’ budgets in mind and providing all the available options they have with a special focus on the improvement of user experience
    • Providing only the very best, experienced, and trained technicians for your installation and replacement work
    • Offering reliable and high quality screw drive garage door openers from manufacturers that are highly trusted

Safety and comfort

You should never take the replacement of your garage door openers lightly. Timely and effective replacement will not only be beneficial for you, but also for your entire family and neighborhood. Also, proper functioning garage door openers will make your lives much easier by providing you with an increased amount of safety and comfort. However, you should always remember to trust the best when it comes to the replacement of your screw drive garage door openers.

We at D&L Garage Door will not only help replace or repair your opener for you, we will also provide you with free consultation and advice on how you can best take care of your opener to ensure that it functions for a long time.

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