Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Replacement

As with everything, the constant use of your chain drive garage door opener will result in wear and tear because of which things can break down. If replacement is required, it will most likely be the chain. This is because the chain is the major component in this opener that gets most of the work done. You can replace the change periodically when you suspect that it should be replaced by following a few simple steps.

Turning Off the Power

You should start by turning your opener’s power off so that you can stay safe while working on the repair process.

Removing the Track System

Next, take the retaining bracket out, which is positioned at the unit’s front, and then remove the unit’s track system. This will be holding the opener’s rail system in place, which is big and heavy. Therefore, you might need a little assistance for this step. Take care not to bend your rail because bending can lead to the damage in the normal functioning of the opener.

Removing the Old Chain

You will be able to reach the pulley more easily if you get the motor drive lowered down. The mechanism of the chain’s system will have to be adjusted and the chain’s tension should be released with an upward lift of the lever. The trolley assembly should be sending out the chain’s connections. Remove all ropes and safety switches and then slide this chain from the top of the pulley. Discard the old chain and be ready to install the new one.

Installing the New Chain

The new chain should be inserted into the rail assembly and should be tight enough, especially when it surrounds the trolley assembly. When the chain is tight enough, assemble the rail system bracket into place where it would look like how it did before.

Testing Your Work

Once you are done with all of this, switch the power back on and carry out a test to see if you have successfully installed the new chain or not. If you suspect that the chain is not working optimally, you might want to go back and see if it is tight enough or not. Loose chains will create issues and will not allow the opener to work efficiently.

Hiring Professional Help

If the above steps seem very complicated for you, call us straight up at D&L Garage Door so that we can send professional help over to your house at once. We understand how annoying it can be if your garage door opener is not working properly anymore. The best thing to do to avoid a sudden breakdown is to be sure that you periodically keep track of the performance of your opener.

Our professionals will have a checklist ready for you whenever you decide to call us so that we can conduct a thorough inspection of your garage doors and openers before the replacement process to be sure that everything else is in proper order.

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