Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Replacement

The regular maintenance of your garage doors and openers also entail the periodic replacement of the belt of your opener if you happen to have a belt drive garage door opener. The task is actually not hard at all and can be conveniently performed. If you are thinking of performing the task yourself however, be sure to look at the owner’s manual or follow the steps below to conveniently replace your belt.

Turn The Power Off

The power that goes into your garage door opener should be turned off before performing this activity. This will make sure that you remain safe.

Loosen The Tension Of The Belt

You will find a tension spring on the belt drive. This spring should be removed with the help of a crescent wrench and a flat head screwdriver.

Release Your Belt

You will now be able to see that the belt is attached with the help of a retainer clip to the screw. Remove this clip along with the master drive chain link. The belt’s tension screw will then be released. After this, the teeth of the belt that are situated in the grooves of the sprocket need to be removed. Then you can easily remove the belt’s end from the traveler slider.

Release the Pulley

The fastenings of the pulley need to be loosened with the help of a socket wrench. You can achieve this by removing the washer, bolt, and nut that assist in keeping the pulley in its place.

Remove The Pulley And The Belt

The belt will likely be merged in with the pulley and you will have to remove it. The pulley can be pulled at so that you can effectively achieve this.

Pull The Belt From The Hole

Once the pulley and the belt have been separated, you can easily slide the belt through the stated holes located at the bar’s end. At this point, the belt will be completely free.

Check for Repair

Once the belt has been taken out, you can analyze it and see if it is in need of repair or not. If you see dents, you can hammer on them. If the belt is dirty, use a wet cloth to wipe the dirt off and let it dry. Similarly, rusting should be taken care of with the help of sanding. If the condition is beyond repair, go for a replacement.

Hire Us For The Job!

If you think that you will not be able to carry out this repair and replacement process yourself, you might as well leave this task to the professionals at D&L Garage Door. Being experts in the field, we know more than a thing or two about the replacement of your belt drive garage door opener. We will also provide you with a free consultation in case you are having any difficulties with your garage door and opener and are not sure how to fix the issue. At D&L Garage Door, we only give the best service and advice!

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