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Garage Door Opener Replacement in Sacramento, CA

You probably are not aware, but a liftmaster and genie garage door opener is a really important tool for your home, if you happen to have a overhead garage door which you use on a regular basis. The best part is that it is easy to replace a garage door opener in case there is something wrong with your old one. However, if you think you are unable to handle the problem yourself, you might as well seek help from a reliable company like D&L Garage Door Repair in Sacramento, who are experts in the field, and will be able to guide and help you out in the best possible manner.

There is a reversible motor attached to the garage door with the help of which the carriage moves on the rail that is situated on top of the door. A draw bar will be attached with this carriage that helps to open or close your overhead garage door. A device that helps to limit travel will also be present so as to put a halt to the movement of the door when the door is fully opened or closed. A reversing or relay switch helps to reverse the drive’s direction.

Installing The Garage Door Openerreplace garage door opener in Sacramento California

Here is a detailed process on how you should be carrying out the replacement of your garage door opener. The task requires a little bit of understanding and assistance should be taken from an instructions manual.

Determine the Center

You should measure the exact center of your garage door with the help of a tape measure both horizontally and vertically. This should be done from the inside of your door. This central point is where the drawbar should be positioned so that the weight of the door is balanced evenly.

Determine the Travel Top Point

This can be determined by raising and lowering your garage door. The location must be established so that you can position the opener at a point where the door’s peak does not interfere with it. If it does, the rail or belt of your garage door could be hit by the door as it opens.

Search for A Support

The area that is situated on top of the garage door at the central vertical line must have a support where the rail’s front end could be attached. You might want to get a front mounting board installed in case there is no support there.

Attachment Of The Rail

Next, you will have to attach the motor unit and the rail together onto the garage floor. The process of how to go about this should be discussed in detail in the instructions manual that comes along with the kit. Close the garage door and then join the outer end of your rail with the front mounting plank at the central and highest point. Make use of lag screws for the purpose of attaching the two together. If you have nuts and bolts, you might have to drill a few holes.

The Motor Assembly

Your motor assembly should be placed at the position parallel and horizontal to the door track where the rail is situated. When you have steadied the motor assembly, make use of your hand to raise and lower your garage door so that you can see whether the location of the rail is interfering with the movement of the door or not. After finding out the perfect position for your motor assembly, fix it in place using metal brackets.

Attachment Of The Draw bar

The draw bar and the rail carriage should be attached together after which you should close the carriage. Next, drill holes in the garage door so that you can screw the mounted drawbar in place.

The Adjustments

Make the adjustments that need to be made pertaining to the lead screw and the drive chain. You should be careful to observe the location where the bolts are placed so that they do not limit the travel of the chain.

Manual Push Button and Radio Receiver

You are to install the manual push button and the radio receiver next. An ordinary bell wire can work best for the installation of the push button. However, this should be placed at a position where the garage door opener is visible when in operation. An optional key switch can also be installed.

The Extension Cord, Receptacle, And The Drive Assembly Cord

The extension cord, receptacle, and the drive assembly cord are required to be plugged with each other. After this, move the garage door with the help of the manual push button. Correct any necessary things that might require further adjustments.

A Permanent Outlet

The extension cord can now be disconnected, after which you can plug in the drive assembly line cord using a permanent outlet.

This is a great way to install your own garage door opener. However, if you think that the process is highly complicated for you, you can always seek assistance of a professional company such as the D&L Garage Door to help you out. The company is also great at providing you with valuable advice pertaining to your garage door related issues, and will make sure that you understand everything comprehensively.

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