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While the chain of your garage door opener might be noisy, it makes up for the noise it creates by being an extremely reliable piece of equipment. Apart from being exceptionally easy-to-use, it is also affordable and can be repaired when it is broken without much hassle. It is best to carry out regular maintenance and adjustments to be sure that your garage door opener chain is working optimally. For chains that are too old, you might want to get them repaired if there is any sign of a breakdown.

Steps to Repairing Your Garage Door Opener Chain
Carry Out a Diagnosis

Before carrying out any repairs, you should diagnose the real problem. This can be done by opening and closing the garage door a few times by making use of your chain opener and simply observing its performance. If the garage door gets stuck or stalls while you open and close it, there might be a problem with the chain, the motor that drives the opener, or the carriage assembly.

Unplug your motor and pull your chain manually to check the level of corrosion. After this, check the carriage assembly and the wiring system of the motor.

Clean the Chain

A rusty chain can be indicative of the fact that you need to lubricate it in order to make the corrosion loose. You can easily do this by putting a lubricant onto a rag piece and wiping the corrosion off the chain. The chain can also be badly corroded in which case you will have to remove the chain completely and allow it to soak in the lubricant for some time. This will greatly help in making sure all of the rust is loosened and removed. After the soaking process is completed, you can make use of a rag again in order to wipe off any loose corrosion from the chain.garage door opener chain repair

Fix the Carriage Assembly

A rusty chain can also lead to a rusty carriage assembly, especially in areas where the chain passes through. You can take care of this by pouring lubricant there and allow the lubricant to be there for a while.

Reconnect the Motor

The motor will need to be reconnected to the chain opener after which you can open and close your door again to see if everything is fine or not. If you are still facing an issue, you might want to contact a professional company who knows how to handle this matter.
At D&L Garage Door, we make sure that we give our clients the best service possible. Our team of professionals understands the garage door opener chains well, and in case you have any issues fixing this matter yourself, you can always get in touch with us. We will repair your garage door opener chain to perfection so that your garage door works without a glitch.

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