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Garage Door Lubrication In Sacramento, CA

If you want a overhead garage door that is fully functional and maintained to its optimal condition, you might want to focus on its lubrication as the key to achieving just that. The process should involve lubricating the tracks and hinges of your garage door on a periodical basis so that your garage door opens and closes quietly and smoothly. Here are a few steps you can use to make sure the process of lubrication of your garage door is carried out efficiently.

Oil Application

Oil application is a great lubrication technique that will allow your garage door to work in the best possible manner and without any sound. You can start by applying two drops of this oil on the seams of your overhead  garage door hinges. The oil should ideally be squeezed on the seam top so that when it drips, it will do the needful of lubricating the whole seam.

Before you apply the oil however, be sure to wipe off any grease that may have built up to the rollers and the roller pins.

Application To The Roller Mount

You can then apply the same oil (two drops of it) on the seams of the roller mount brackets which are located on the garage door. The same oil can then be applied onto the roller pin ends which are located on the roller mount brackets.

Application Of Oil To The Track

You should then apply oil (at least six drops) on the roller track. However, this should be applied about one foot from the curve track.

Application Of Oil To The Hinges

Apply the same lubricating oil to the hinges so that any possibility of the hinges being dry can be removed.

Opening And Closing

Once all of the oil has been applied to different parts, you can finally open and close your garage door with the help of the garage door opener several times in a row so that you can be sure to distribute this entire oil all over. This way, everything will be well lubricated and your garage door will be operating with full efficiency and smoothness.

Ask For Help!

In case you are facing any difficulty with the lubrication process or are not aware about how this lubrication should take place, you should always seek professional help instead of trying to go about it yourself. It is always better to leave your garage door in safe hands as opposed to experimenting with it in a way that might lead to more problems later on.At D&L Garage Doors Sacramento California, we have a team of professional garage door repair technicians who can help you with lubricating your garage doors whenever you require. It is always better to have your overhead garage doors lubricated periodically, so that they can function properly and not make any noise that is bound to disturb your neighbors and your family. Dry overhead garage door parts are the worst possible scenario for your garage doors. Therefore, steps should be taken to make sure that does not happen.

D&L Garage Doors local overhead door repair company, We offer our garage door repair services throughout the entire Sacramento, CA metro area.

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