Adjustment for garage doors in Sacramento

Sacramento Garage Door Adjustment

Garage doors are amazing because they make our lives a lot easier and convenient, especially if we do not have to get out of our cars just to open or close the overhead garage doors. However, sometimes the garage door opener or the garage door spring can fail to work effectively and close the door completely. In such situations, you might have to figure out what the issue is and try to solve it in order to save yourself from the hassle to having to open and close the garage door yourself. A simple adjustment to the down limit switch in this case can do you wonders. Here are the steps to making that garage door adjustment:

Steady A Ladder Next To Your Garage Door

Make use of a stepladder and place it under the box portion of the opener, and get a helper right beside you so that you do not fall.

Adjustment Screws On Garage Door

Next, make use of the two limit adjustment screws which might be located on the box’s side. You will also be able to locate the switches with the labels either stating ‘up and down’ or ‘open and close’. The screws that show the marking of ‘down or close’ should be rotated anticlockwise with the help of a flathead screwdriver. You can turn this screw a full turn or half way which will help to move your door a few inches towards the floor.


After you are done with the rotating, you should get off the ladder and press the button that is located in the wall control unit or the remote. Using this, open and close the garage door a few times to see how far the door comes before it stops. You can then continue with your adjustments of the limit switch and assess this until you are able to achieve the best results.

Things You Would Require

    • Flashlight (optional)
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Stepladder

Tip To Consider

If you see that your door is simply stopping and reversing when it comes close to the bottom, you might just have a problem with your safety sensors. These should then be checked to see if something is obstructing them in any way or not. These sensors need to be able to connect with each other without any hindrance if you wish the door to completely be shut.

Another tip is related to the amount of turning you will have to do to the ‘down or close’ screws. This might be a little hard to predict, especially in the beginning. However, you can get the hang of it once you have attempted it a few times to see how close the door stops to the floor with each attempt.

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