Sacramento Garage Doors Repair 25 Point Checklist

Overhead garage doors and related parts need to be routinely checked so that you can be sure that they are working under optimal conditions. A checklist really comes in handy when it comes to carrying out a thorough research so that you are able to take preventive measures. A 25 point checklist should cover all the basic essentials pertaining to garage door maintenance and safety. If you even make use of this checklist once a year, you will be able to save a lot of money, as you will greatly be able to avoid expensive repairs later on.

The technicians and experts at D&L Garage Doors Sacramento, CA ensure that they always have their 25 point checklist in place before visiting clients so that they can review this list and inspect your  overhead garage door properly before carrying out the activity they came to perform.

The Ideal 25 Point Checklist

1 Alignment and condition of the garage door tracks
2 Condition of the shaft
3 Brackets
4 The drum for the garage door cables should be working properly
5 A thorough review of the panel and section condition of the garage door
6 Forks
7 Check to see if the garage door rollers are fine or require some lubrication
8 Hinges to be checked thoroughly and lubed of necessary
9 Proper checking of the safety cables
10 Check to see whether the center bearing is broken or worn and then replacing it if such is the case
11 The pulley system should work properly and safely
12 The garage door should properly balance with the right amount of tension
13 Struts should be looked at
14 The torsion center plate and the spring anchor should be checked accurately
15 The end bearing plates of the door need to be properly fastened and secured
16 The garage door springs should be thoroughly checked for breakage and rust
17 The cables will have to be replaced if they are frayed or broken
18 The weather seal should be tight enough to avoid snow and water from entering the garage
19 The remote controls, control panels, and keyless entry system need to also be thoroughly reviewed
20 The rails, chains, and the trolley should be analyzed
21 The safety eye is working properly
22 The opener motor and gears should also be checked
23 Electrical wiring needs to be functioning and connected well
24 The limit switch and safety reverse of the garage door will also be inspected
25 The opener screws and chains should be tight enough and in place

Reviewing this checklist will ensure that your overhead garage door and automatic garage door opener is operating well and in a completely healthy state. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the condition your garage door and opener is in. If you want professionals to carry out this 25 point checklist on your garage doors, then all you have to do is call us on (916) 245-1045, and we will get in touch with you straight away!

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