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Garage Door Maintenance In Sacramento

Garage door maintenance in Sacramento, Overhead garage doors are probably one of the most neglected items in people’s homes. They feel that they do not have to keep the garage door maintained, and only act if something goes wrong. However, this approach is not good at all. Think about a time where you have to leave your home in an emergency while your car is parked inside your garage, the door to which would not open.

Why you should contact a reliable garage door repair company

In such a scenario, you will gain nothing but frustration. The normal, safe, and smooth functioning of your overhead garage door requires that you keep it well maintained. If you can perform these maintenance tasks yourself, then that is great. However, if you cannot do them yourself you should contact a reliable garage door repair company that can take care of the overhead garage door maintenance related tasks on your behalf.

One important thing that you should keep in mind is that in order to keep everyone safe and avoid injury, you should let everyone in the house know that they should not come near the garage door, especially when maintenance work is in order.

Here are some of the maintenance tips and tests that should be conducted on your garage door on a regular basis so that you can ensure that your garage door remains fully functional for a long time.

Visual Inspection On A Monthly Basis

You should stand inside your garage and keep the door closed. This way, you will be able to better analyze the garage door cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers, along with the mounting hardware such as the hinges, and inspect them for any signs of wear and tear or damage. If you think the mounting hardware is becoming too loose, or your cable is fraying or wearing out, you should get it checked or fix the problem yourself. When something does not sound or look right, you could incur a serious issue later on if you do not act fast.

Test To Check Door Balance On A Monthly Basis

If your overhead garage door has an automatic garage door opener system, you should close your door along with disconnecting your automatic opener. This way, you will be able to manually lift your door smoothly and without much resistance. The door should also be fully open. If the door does not open fully, or you incur some difficulty in opening it, your door may just be out of balance. This means that it requires servicing from a company that has trained staff that can handle the issue

Test To Check Reversing Mechanism On A Monthly Basis (Provided Your Door Has An Automatic Opener System)

All of the garage doors that have been made after 1st January, 1993, have a reversing mechanism along with an edge or photo eye sensor for additional safety. All garage door manufacturers are bound by federal law to have these features. If your door is not equipped with these, you should definitely replace your automatic operating system.

To check this system, place a wood piece on the floor right in the center of the garage door while the door is fully open. Once placed, put the wall button of the door to close it. When your door comes in contact with the wood, it should reverse automatically. If it doesn’t, the door should be checked.

Photo Eye Test On A Monthly Basis (Provided Your Door Has An Automatic Opener System)

Open your garage door fully and then push the wall button of your garage door opener to close it. When it is closing, wave an object over the photo eyes of the door. This should reverse the door automatically.

If the door does not reopen or reverse, you might have to clean the photo eyes of the door using a dry and soft cloth. After this, adjust your garage door’s photo eyes with your hands if they happen to not be in alignment. Once that is done, you can open your door and repeat the test once again. If the door still does not respond to your experiment, you might want to get it serviced or checked.

Force Setting Test On A Monthly Basis (Provided Your Door Has An Automatic Opener System)

Fully open your garage door and then push the wall button in order to close the door. While the door is in the process of closing, hold the button up while your hands are stiff and outstretched. This should ideally reverse the door. However, if the reversal does not happen and your door keeps on closing, then pull away your hand quickly. The closing force can be quite excessive and the door should get its required servicing done by some technician or company that is experienced enough.

Lubrication On A Semi-Annual Basis

Your garage door needs to be lubricated on a periodical basis to ensure that it operates with great efficiency and effectiveness. Small amounts of this spray lubricant should be applied on the rollers, tracks, and hinges. This will ensure that these parts do not go dry because dryness can seriously impact the door and even cause squeaky sounds while you open and close the garage door. These squeaky sounds can frustrate the neighbors and your family members.

25 point checklist

Proper adjustments need to be done in order to ensure a proper functioning overhead garage door. You can even make a 25 point checklist so that you have anything in order. A great overhead door company that you can work with when it comes to garage doors is D&L Garage Doors in Sacramento, California. This garage door company is a pro when it comes to replacement, maintenance, and providing repairing services for your garage doors so that your doors work perfectly fine no matter what the weather conditions are. They are available to you 24/7 throughout the Sacramento, CA metro area and will make sure that they provide the best quality garage door services possible.

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