How to Organize Your Garage?

sacramento garage door repairFor most of us a garage means the ideal place to dump anything which is not required in the house. Be it unwanted bits and pieces, unused tools and equipments or abandoned shoes and toys, they all manage to sneak into the garage and find a space. However, when your car can no longer be accommodated in the garage you know it’s time to get it organized. Here are a few useful tips to get you started.

  1. Take out time: Since the garage is full of miscellaneous clutter, it is more than likely that you will require a day or two to organize the garage and get rid of all the unwanted things, so make sure you pick a weekend to complete this job. Moreover, one person alone cannot be expected to undertake the whole task of rearranging, categorizing and discarding items, so feel free to invite some family members or friends to help you sort out the mess.
  2. Classify: Next, you should categorize the contents into different groups such as tools and equipments, miscellaneous objects, chemicals and combustible substances, garden stuff, automotive parts, sports items etc. Once you have categorized these articles, further categorize them as recycling items, useful items and unnecessary items. You can make use of cardboard boxes to group these contents, as you may find many random things and will be clueless where to place them.
  3. Donate: In case if certain unwanted things are in good shape, you could donate them instead of throwing them away. Place them at a visible spot, so you remember to give them away. However, if the goods are totally worthless, you can just add them to the trash piles and do away with them once for all.
  4. Relocate: Now that you are done with disposing useless things you can bring your entire focus to the layout of your garage. Keep the handy objects where they are easily accessible; must be near your working space. Items that don’t require immediate use or are less valuable can be placed inside shelves and cabinets, but most important of all, you will have to leave sufficient space in the garage to park your car.
  5. Plan: Once things are in order and relocated to their places you have to set a schedule on your calendar to make sure it is not a onetime activity. Take care to place used items in their right places after use to avoid creating a mess in the garage.


Your garage needs to be organized and managed at least twice a year, so don’t forget to note the next schedule down.