Garage Door Opener Repair Some Easy Tips To Do It at Home

garage door opener repair

Garage Door Opener Repair You Might Want To Do It Right!

A broken electric garage door opener will really give you a headache, especially if you need to open the door and let your car out. Actually, you don’t need to pick up your phone and immediately call an electrician or the company who installed your garage door since you can do some simple troubleshooting and you may just find out that garage door opener repair is really easy and will not give you any sweat.

Since working with electricity is very dangerous, you should be extremely cautious with your actions because a single accident may lead to a more serious problem. If you are afraid or cannot do some electrical works, contact your electrician and let him be the one to fix the problem. However, if you can and want to know more about garage door opener repair, read more!

Plug Checking

The first thing you should check, if there are failures with your electric garage door, is the plug. If you think that it is a waste of time, think again. It is actually the most common reason why electrical garage doors don’t function. Check if it is plugged or if the plug is working.

Garage Door Lock

Another simple reason why garage doors don’t open is because its lock is activated. It is funny, but it is the 2nd reason why homeowners can’t open their garage doors. If you don’t know how to do it, check the manual given to you.


The batteries in the remote control may also be the reason why you can’t open your garage doors. Try to change the batteries because they might be drained already.

Sensor Reset

You shouldn’t take garage door opener repair service right away if you have problems with your garage door. If you can’t open it, try to unplug and plug it again. There might just be problems with the sensors in your garage door and turning it off and turning it on will reset the sensors.

Remote Reprogramming

If the above reasons are negative, your remote may be deprogrammed and need to be reprogrammed again. See the manual to know how to reprogram your remote control and this may fix the problem.

Beam Sensor

Aside from checking if the garage door is plugged, also try to check if the beam sensor is also plugged. This is also a reason why remote opening is not possible.

Sensor Cleaning

The radio waves that are sent by the remote control are very sensitive. Just like on your TV, if you block the sensor, you cannot use the remote control to manipulate your television. Try to clean the eyes of the sensor (it is commonly found near the on/off switch) with a wet fabric. The dusts that usually build up on the sensor may block the signals sent by the remote control.

Check the Garage Door’s Chain

Another reason why garage doors won’t open is loose or broken chains. If it needs to be replaced or just be tightened, you will need an electrician.

Manual Opening

However, if the above possible solutions are still negative, you can open your garage door manually by using the red release string. Some garage door systems don’t use this red release string and may use other opening systems. Consult the manual for more information.

Help From an Expert

If you really can’t repair it by yourself, maybe you already need a garage door repair service from an electrician or the company that installed your garage door.

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