DIY Easy Halloween Decor

 Easy Halloween Decoreasy halloween decor

With Halloween just around the corner, you may have not had time to spookify your home. Well, we’ve made it simple for you! Here are easy Halloween decor ideas for your home and garage to celebrate All Hallows Eve!

1. Black Lights

Black lights are cheap, easy ways of making your home as spooky as possible. Simply replace your regular light bulbs on your porch and in the garage to get this eerie effect! You can get them at your local Walmart for under $1 each! Add some fake cobwebs around the lights for an even scarier effect.

2. Covered Furniture

Grab some old white sheets or pick up some at a second-hand store. Use the sheets to cover the furniture in your living room, patio, or whatever is in the garage. This spooky look will instantly give your home an abandoned haunted house feel. You can also use the sheets to make scary ghosts!

3. Spray Paint

Spray paint some old furniture, picture frames, or odds and ends black and hang them around the garage to create a haunted house look!

4. Scary Entrance

All it takes to create an eerie entrance into your home is garbage bags. To do this, cut your bag into strings and stretch to varied lengths. Attach them to the top of your doorway, and viola! It will create an eerie, abandoned house look.

5. Glowing Eyes 

Toilet paper rolls and glow sticks are all it takes to create this scary look. Cut eyes into the roll and tape the glow sticks inside, and you’re done! Hide them in your bushes, shrubs and trees, and watch as your glowing eyes terrorize the neighborhood.

6. Bloody Hand Clings

Make them yourself with Elmer’s glue and red food coloring! Simply mix together, cover your hand, and place your palm on windows for this terrifying effect! (Will wash off.)

These easy Halloween decor ideas will scare the wits out of all the little kiddies! Have fun and be safe this Halloween!